Johnson & Johnson conducts global creative review

JWT, Taxi, DDB, Lowe Roche and Proximity could be affected by Johnson & Johnson's reshuffling.

Johnson & Johnson is set to conduct a global creative review.

J&J’s Canadian agencies include JWT (Reactine), Taxi (digital AOR, Listerine, Tylenol and Benylin), DDB (digital AOR, Reactine, Polysporin, Band-Aid, and Visine), Lowe Roche (o.b.) and BBDO/Proximity (J&J baby).

“Johnson & Johnson is conducting a global agency review and consolidation to build greater value and deliver innovative and fully integrated solutions for our consumer brands,” said a spokesperson in an email statement, but wouldn’t comment on the Canadian implications.

Details of the review, including the start date, haven’t yet been announced.

The review comes at the heels of Michael Sneed stepping into the marketing and PR role at J&J global, and follows a media review for its Europe, Middle East and Africa region.

The ad spend for J&J hit $90 million in Canada in 2011, according to Nielsen ad spend figures.

Pictured: a still from JWT’s latest campaign for Reactine