Check it out: Kraft’s square spots

Why the brand wants you to not think about cheese.

Copied from Stimulant - kraftsingles

In a series of new spots for Kraft Singles, creative agency Union starts with a simple square.

An orange square may not instantly make you think of slices of cheese. That is until you see it placed against Kraft’s signature shade of blue and under the melting sizzle of a burger patty or inside a grilled cheese, with a narrator describing delicious details. Then it’ll be all you can think about. Excuse me for a moment, I suddenly feel the need to go to the kitchen…

Kraft Singles are an iconic food that definitely sparks cravings, which is partly how the idea originated, says Lance Martin, ECD and partner at Union. The spots are a play on ironic process theory, or the idea that deliberately telling someone not to think of something (like an elephant, or a square of gooey cheese), will just make them more likely to think it.

The online ads will run through the August long weekend, with Starcom on the media buy.

With files from Harmeet Singh