Shopper Innovation Awards: Nutella adds a little joy

The brand promoted life's simple pleasures by subtracting carbs and adding a "spife."

This story appears in the April/May 2016 issue of strategy.

Silver: Changing Behaviour 

In February 2015, Nutella introduced a campaign, with the help of Noise Digital, to reposition the brand in the competitive spreads category. Research shows many consumers live a life of routine, with few breaks to enjoy the little things. The brand wanted to help encourage its target audience of moms age 25 to 54 to celebrate simple pleasures. Research also showed that the target consumer was wary of over-consuming carbohydrates, so Nutella showcased new and versatile ways to enjoy the spread without bread.

The “Add a Little Joy” campaign was created with the Nutella Spife – a unique utensil that is half spoon, half knife. The agency developed an integrated plan that included an on-pack promotion coupled with a rich digital experience. The brand distributed three million jars with special promotional pin codes, while vibrant shelf blades and corner cards communicated the promotion in stores. Stickers on the cap drove consumers to, where they entered their pins for a chance to win a Spife. A collection of Nutella-inspired recipes was featured on the website, including five created by celebrity chef Stefano Faita.

In total, 178,000 pins were redeemed (more than eight times the previous brand campaign benchmark). The versatility message was further communicated with an online game, where users could choose whether they would spoon or spread Nutella onto different food combinations for the chance to win prizes. More than 50,000 consumers played the game.
Nutella consumption increased by 12% year-over-year at a time when the spreads category volume had declined 5% and the largest competitor saw volume decrease by 15%. National penetration increased to 23.2 points – the highest in the brand’s history.

Advertiser | Ferrero – Nutella
Agency | Noise Digital
CD | Brian Krenzer
AD | Erin Ignacio
Designer | Cherry Hung
CW | Jessica Liew
Account director | Alison Belot
Media | Rich McMullan