Brands do it for mom

A collection of campaigns to get people in the spirit ahead of Mother's Day.


Mount Pleasant Group honours those we’ve lost

Sunday will be a day many people will be celebrating with their moms, but for a lot of people, that’s not possible if they have suffered through the passing of their mothers.

Created by Union and launched online earlier this week, a video for the Mount Pleasant Group of Cemeteries tells the story of Joy, who is working through the emotions that came with her loss by getting a tattoo in her mother’s honour. To make it that much more special, her mother’s ashes were combined with the ink used in the tattoo. It’s an unconventional way to memorialize a love one with a tattoo, but it all ties back to Mount Pleasant’s promise to help you honour your loved ones in whatever way you choose.

Prostate Cancer Canada saves you from an awkward moment

Despite the constant reminders, many guys still feel uncomfortable getting their prostate checked by their doctor. But a new campaign for Prostate Cancer Canada presents an alternative that makes having your exam performed by a doctor seem much more appealing: getting your prostate checked by your mother instead.

The video is actually the latest in a series of videos by McCann Canada for Prostate Cancer Canada, which have also featured friends and just doing it yourself as “The Alternatives” to getting your prostate checked by your doctor. The broader campaign is being supported by digital, social, print and radio ads.

A Timbit bouquet for moms with a sweet tooth

Getting flowers for your loved one is so cliche. The hot new trend is getting them bouquets of their favourite snack, and now Tim Hortons is getting in on the action. Only available this Sunday, customers can get a variety of 24 Timbits place on “long stemmed” skewers and arranged like a bouquet of flowers, complete with wrapping and a fancy box. The offer is only available in the U.S., so any Canadians whose mom has a “give me my Timmies and no one gets hurt” bumper sticker will have to pick up a snack pack and make it themselves.