Lexus takes extra time to craft a new Canadian platform

The luxury automaker focuses on making the most out of time to connect customers back to what its brand stands for.


Lexus has launched a new Canada-specific campaign, hoping to carry the momentum of several positive signs into a deeper connection with the brand itself and the work it puts into making its drivers feel valued.

The lead spot in the new “Make Time For Amazing” campaign focuses on all the different ways the idea of “time” comes up in living the kinds of lives we want. Typically, that comes in the form of taking time for what matters and making the most of what time we have – including taking the time to enjoy the “amazing” driving experience in its vehicles.

Melanie Testani, brand manager for Lexus at Toyota Canada, says that while the brand is still using the “Experience Amazing” tagline that has been used globally for three years, “Make Time For Amazing” is a Canada-specific platform, the first time it has done so in some time.

After almost a decade of continuous growth, automotive sales in Canada have slipped in the past two years, and the luxury category has not been exempt. Lexus is still behind Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi in the Canadian luxury automotive market, but it had a record-setting year in 2019 with sales rising by 5.8%, the only among the four to grow it sales. Testani says the brand is hoping take advantage of its upward moment with the campaign, but adds that the 30-year anniversary of Lexus’ launch in Canada and a “solid” product lineup – it launched the UX compact SUV hybrid in Canada last year – made this a perfect time to launch the platform.

“It’s time to reconnect with the brand itself, demonstrate to our guests what it represents and get them to consider Lexus, maybe for the first time,” she says.

The concept of the campaign is the one that tested best with audiences, Testani says, both in terms of resonating with the message and tying it back to the Lexus brand. She cites things like taking 15 years to develop a specific colour of paint, the 38 days it takes to craft the hand-stitched steering wheel, or three years engineers took to develop a seat that would be comfortable for all passengers as things that gives Lexus the credibility to own the idea.

“No matter where you come from, time is a luxury in our busy lives, we never have enough of it,” she says. “That resonates with audiences when we put that idea out there. We put so many hours and time into everything we do to create our products and the experiences we share with our guests, it’s something we can really own in the marketplace. We want to make the impression on our guests that they can take time to just enjoy the vehicle because we’ve taken the time that’s needed to create a great driving experience for them.”

While Testani says it is too early to begin tracking results, one thing the brand has already noticed is a higher-than normal completion rate for the online version of the 30-second video, suggesting that the concept is resonating with Canadians, to the point that they want to see how it ends and which brand it ties back to.

DentsuBos led creative on the campaign. It debuted with a 45-second in-cinema ad during the holiday season, and has now debuted in TV, digital, social and OOH channels. Testani says the idea is for this to be a long-term campaign for the brand in Canada, and it will grow and evolve based on customer feedback.

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