Tic Tac has a refreshing new brand platform

The Ferrero mint brand aims to maintain its market share in Canada by injecting some flavour into the new normal.


Tic Tac is building on its “confidence to connect” messaging, adjusting it slightly in a new platform aimed to reflect the new everyday moments its millennial target is living through (or perhaps yearning for).

“Refreshing Moments” debuted with a new spot showing a woman motivated to take a dance break from her new work-from-home routine after popping a Tic Tac. It also reveals “100 layers of flavour” through a close-up of the pill-shaped mint.

The campaign includes six-second cutdowns running in pre-roll and on social, concepted around how young people are adjusting their lifestyles during the pandemic, transforming their homes into offices, art workspaces and yoga studios.

Daniel Hill, Ferrero’s marketing director for Tic Tac in Canada, says the platform reinforces the association between breath mints and refreshment. While that’s a trope in confectionery marketing, it allows the brand to reaffirm its “confidence” positioning, encouraging its millennial target to reinvigorate through moments of relaxation and connection during a time when anxiety levels are high.

The creative also emphasizes the “100 layers of flavour” concept and the attention to detail required to produce a Tic Tac. “Each Tic Tac actually takes 24 hours to make,” Hill says, adding that the product focus is in keeping with Ferrero’s historical emphasis on quality ingredients.

The campaign coincides with the launch of the brand’s new berry-flavoured SKU, as flavour is important for the brand. Tic Tac has maintained its top status in the mint category in Canada, growing market share even further in recent months, both of which Hill attributes to flavour innovations.

Other examples include a limited hybrid flavour with Coca Cola, or the 2020 launch of sugar free X-Freeze, tapping Grammy-nominated DJ and producer Steve Aoki for a collaboration. The brand also launched Tic Tac gum back in the fall of 2018 with a global platform, “Chew and Play,” amplifying awareness via app games and a SnapChat lens.

All of the newest flavours are heroed on the brand’s colourful website.

Hill says Tic Tacs and mints more broadly are a year-round consumption occasion, but one exception is the holidays, and the brand is currently running an online contest where Canadians can win prizes if the site detects them shaking a container of Tic Tacs.

There’s an in-store component to the campaign as well, as in-store visibility is particularly important for this category. Hill says the brand is developing a shopper program built around the “refreshing moments” messaging and really focusing on the vibrancy of brand colours.

All elements of the North American campaign were created, concepted and edited by creative agency Laundry Service. Hill says, for consistency of message, it’s important to have a clear platform that resonates globally.

The campaign also features Canada-specific influencer and PR support, handled by Golin, with PHD handling Canadian media buying.