Becel boosts a kind digital campaign with shopper

The brand is keeping all shopping experiences in mind to enforce a brand pillar and capitalize on holiday baking.

becel-bake-mainBecel is building on its “kindness” messaging, integrating traditional shopper elements with digital as it gets bakers to consider a different butter alternative the next time they are looking to try something new in the kitchen.

The margarine brand’s “Bake a Difference” campaign is incentivizing consumers with a chance to win $10,000 for themselves and $10,000 for a charity of their choice, in addition to several other gift card prizes.

It’s integrating this digital-first contest – promoted through display, social channels, online video and search – with a shopper campaign, with shelf blades, bunkers and wobblers, says Becel head of marketing Shoshana Price. It will be activating with the major retailers including Loblaw, Walmart, Metro and Save-On Foods.

“While there’s been tremendous growth of ecommerce over the past months, the majority of Canadians are still shopping in brick-and-mortar locations,” Price says. “We’ve thought about both shopping experiences in developing the campaign.”

Over the past months, the company has seen double-digit sales growth for both Becel and the category as a whole, as Canadians are turning to culinary exploration to pass the time.

Its main focus, Price says, is re-introducing Canadians to a dairy-free alternative as they begin thinking about holiday baking: Becel’s “plant-based bricks,” which more closely imitate butter when baking and have become a “priority SKU” to reflect changing consumer trends.

“Our goal is to avoid attrition from our product portfolio and steal share from butter,” Price says, adding that Becel is still the top margarine brand in Canada.

Price says Canadians will be reaching for baking staples throughout the holiday season, and so the brand wanted to provide them even more incentive to choose Becel products by re-contextualizing the act of baking.


“We often think of baking to create delicious treats,” Price says. “With the charitable element, it’s  a way to show your kindheartedness and make a difference.”

The messaging ladders on to Becel’s masterbrand campaign in February, centered around the belief that kind hearts are strong hearts that do more good.

She adds that in years past, Becel advertising has been targeted to women, and that it is looking to shift that with this campaign (and those planned for the future) recognizing that Canadians are getting in the kitchen more than ever, regardless of gender.

It’s also partnering with six influencers, such as Marilyn Denis Show regular and foodie Vijaya Selvaraju (pictured) to inspire Canadians to bake for loved ones.

Campaign spending for Q4 2020 is consistent with previous holiday campaigns, Price says.

Edelman is Becel’s AOR, with dentsuX on media, 6Degrees on contest execution and Advantage on in-store and shopper marketing efforts.