Desjardins Insurance plays to its strength

Work from Bleublancrouge highlights the premium the challenger brand places on having agents for its clients to speak with.


Desjardins Insurance wants Canadians to think about the value of having a personal relationship with their insurance agent in its latest awareness campaign.

The “A Policy is Not A Person” campaign, developed with creative partner Bleublancrouge, springs from the insight that people want to talk directly with an expert when a crisis arises, and the fact that Desjardins has Canada’s largest insurance agent network.

“We believe there are some dissatisfied and disgruntled people out there who aren’t getting what they need from their insurance providers,” explains Chris Dacyshyn, ECD with Bleublancrouge. “We wanted to remind people how nice it would be if they had someone to call.”

Desjardins remains a challenger brand that is trying to further establish itself outside of Quebec, and the campaign reflects that with a tongue-in-cheek tone.

To do so, the campaign depicts the offerings of competitors as non-responsive stacks of paper. As the people in the spots are confronted with challenges – they ask the policy document for an answer and are met with silence. This is contrasted by the agent-to-client relationship Desjardins touts as its differentiator in a cluttered industry, and which it claims is even more highly sought because of the pandemic.

“One of the reasons we went this route is to shake people out of their complacency. People are operating in a void where there is nobody, really, for them to talk to. Generally, people don’t have that relationship with their agent,” explains Julie Markle, also an ECD with Bleublancrouge.

The campaign will run until July 23 on TV, radio and online video. Media was developed by Glassroom and digital by U92, sister companies of Bleublancrouge in the Humanise Collective.