Jackson-Triggs embraces its mass appeal

Wine can be intimidating, so Arterra's new campaign leans into jokes and moments that are accessible to anyone.

Jackson-TriggsJackson-Triggs has long been one of Arterra’s most well-known brands, standing out in a wine category that is often opaque to the average consumer. A new campaign is leaning into that accessibility by utilizing the kind of camaraderie, quips and moments that anyone can recognize.

Its hero TV spot is built around a group of friends bonding over common, easily recognizable jokes, like how satisfying bubble wrap is to pop, possibly phallic vegetables and whether pineapples should be put on pizza.

The campaign, “Everyday Legendary” is the brainchild of longtime agency partner Bensimon Byrne, with media buying from PHD. It also includes targeted ads on Pinterest and Instagram, as well as online video, centred around hosting “legendary” get-togethers.

Arterra CMO Andrea Hunt says celebrating the smaller moments is important especially as lockdowns are being lifted, and a sitcom-style montage is a good way to bring the lighthearted and spirited nature of the concept to life.

Overall, the campaign is meant to have mass appeal and further the brand’s accessible positioning to all Canadians. “We want everyone to feel included,” Hunt says, adding that historically, its consumer base has tended to be older, and through its new efforts, it wants to appeal to younger cohorts as well.

Jackson-Triggs-IG-FBThe spot also features a diverse group of consumers, building on Jackson-Triggs‘ winter effort aimed at making people who have typically been underrepresented in the wine world feel more welcomed, which Hunt says was well-received.

While lockdowns have hit the hospitality sector hard, Hunt says its retail business is more significant and on-premise sales are actually more about driving trial, introducing people to an accessible brand among restaurant wine lists that can be intimidating to the average diner. Jackson-Triggs occupies a “safe space,” Hunt claims, as a brand that’s not only very well-known, but also trusted.

When it comes to ad spend, Hunt says that for this campaign, it’s higher than the past year, as the upcoming holiday season – which may include more in-person gatherings compared to last year – is really important for alcoholic beverages.