Telus’ new platform carries forward its social purpose messaging

The telco makes its ESG impact "unmissable" for Canadians in critter-light creative that's a departure for the brand.

Telus has launched a new masterbrand marketing campaign intended to more boldly communicate its purpose-driven ethos and brand promise.

The campaign, launched a little more than a year after the telco revealed its new “Let’s Make The Future Friendly” brand promise, goes by the shortened “Let’s Make” and aims to show exactly who Telus is and the impact it is driving across numerous sectors, says Lisa Mack, VP of brand marketing with the company.

“We are leaning into our original masterbrand strategy, and leading with purpose, while leveraging all of Telus’ strategic areas of impact, including health, agriculture, sustainability, communities and connectivity,” she explains.

Those “strategic areas” have been important to Telus in recent years. Whereas competitors like Bell and Rogers have grown their businesses by pushing into other areas of media, Telus has been pushing into areas like healthcare and agriculture, that its core telecommunications business helps facilitate and innovate in. The new campaign reflects that strategy, showing people looking out over fields where food is sustainably grown, neighborhoods where homes are outfitted with the latest connected security options and parents connected to doctors without having to leave their babies rooms.

In a slight departure for the brand, the campaign primarily focuses on people and Canadian communities, with the “cute animals” only seen briefly, as a butterfly bookends the beginning and end of the video. “We are striving to build from our strong brand identifiers, while using powerful, emotional storytelling to break through and educate Canadians about the many ways in which Telus is making a difference,” Mack says.

“When a company has a strong social purpose, people are much more likely to continue doing business with it, more likely to trust it, and also more likely to recommend the company to their friends and family. Canadians are increasingly choosing to do business with companies that share their values and we want to make sure Canadians know we’re a company that’s truly powered by our purpose,” Mack adds. “We want to make it unmissable to do business with Telus without understanding the good we’re doing for communities.”

Among the initiatives that this campaign highlights are Telus-driven farm-to-fork sustainable food production, its Health For Good programs in the healthcare sector, its efforts to reduce its own carbon footprint, and its Connecting For Good programs designed to help deliver access to Telus’ network to rural, remote and Indigenous communities. “This campaign sets out to highlight how we’re using our technology for good,” Mack notes.

The&Partnership and Cossette assisted on creative and media for the campaign, while The Pack handled PR on behalf of National PR and Response handled multicultural PR and marketing. It launched April 18 on TV and radio, with OOH, digital and social as well as PR support. This wave of the campaign will remain in market for about six weeks, Mack says, with the next phase coming in the Fall.