2014 Marketers of the Year

Here's the skinny on what made these folks rise to the top of our list.

You might say the 2014 Marketers of the Year are a little emotional. Sure, they’ve gone multi-platform and pushed into e-comm, while still being concerned with ROI and budget allocation. But the work they’ve done this past year seems to be driven by one very powerful force – an emotional connection with consumers.

Take overall winner, TJ Flood. He spearheaded a feel-good Olympic campaign for Canadian Tire that credited the unsung heroes of professional athletes. And Shannon Hosford of the MLSE thought like a fan first, helping to unite the country around the Toronto Raptors’ rallying cry. Canada Bread’s Connie Morrison brought good feelings back about bread when the category was declining. Tony Matta got to the heart of why people love some of Kraft’s iconic brands, like Peanut Butter. And Oliver Walsh asked influencers to express what they love about Aritzia to form an even stronger bond between the clothing and its customers.

To choose this year’s winners, the strategy team canvassed the industry, asked a few experts to weigh in and ultimately narrowed down the list to these five deserving marketers. The overall winner was voted on by the respondents of our annual Marketer Survey (check it out here). So how did these marketers make an impact this year? Read on to find out.

TJ Flood – Canadian Tire

Shannon Hosford – MLSE

Connie Morrison – Canada Bread

Tony Matta – Kraft

Oliver Walsh – Aritzia