Corona is hiring a nature ambassador

The brewer is looking for someone to help it give back to nature in a time when domestic travel is high due to the pandemic.

Screen Shot 2021-07-20 at 10.46.28 AMCorona’s latest campaign is all about a new job the brewer has created for someone who wants to inspire and inform Canadians about their country’s natural beauty – and what they can do to protect it.

The beer brand is hiring for the new role, which it has dubbed its “officer of natural wonder,” via a microsite created specifically for the campaign.

The successful applicant will travel across the country from Sept. 8 to Nov. 1 in a fully-customized Mercedes Sprinter van with a built-in bed and kitchenette, featuring roof-mounted solar panels and other sustainable features.

They will “showcase the natural beauty that Canada has to offer, from coast to coast,” by capturing and sharing images, while also interacting with local communities “to help identify small, but significant improvements they can make, in an effort to protect the natural world and encourage others to do the same,” explains Mike Bascom, senior marketing director for Corona Canada at Labatt.

The position comes with a $20,000 salary for the two months, as well as paid expenses.

As part of the campaign, Corona is using “a multi-pronged media strategy” that includes social – ads on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube as well as promoted ads on LinkedIn – as well as traditional media relations, says Bascom. Corona has also paired with professional photographer Paul Ziska to further raise awareness about the role and tap not just into those who are enthusiastic about environmental causes, but photographers and others who are interested in nature and outdoor adventures.

The role is “a natural extension” of the brand’s identity, which “lives outside and encourages consumers to disconnect to enjoy the beauty around them,” says Bascom.

“Enjoying a Corona in the natural wonders of our country has contributed to our success and we want to give back,” he adds. “This year, encouraging Canadians to minimize their environmental footprint when traveling is even more relevant as the impact of COVID-19 has increased domestic travel.”

Corona’s wider environmental efforts have been focused on things like shoreline cleanups, reflecting the brand’s identity as a “summer beer” popular for outdoor occasions and beach season. An effort for Earth Day this year included making sculptures out of plastic waste to help visualize how much a typical Canadian uses in a year.

But as consumer awareness of environmental issues grows, Corona has also been increasingly looking internally for ways to address the issue. In March, it announced a new packaging innovation made from surplus ingredients from the brewing process.

The campaign was developed in partnership with AB InBev’s internal agency DraftLine handling creative. Vizeum handled paid media, with Veritas on PR and Salt XC on experiential.