Loblaw runs a big contest to drive PC Optimum downloads

The company hopes driving home new ways to earn points will win over holdouts that have yet to adopt the app.

PC OPTIMUM-MAIN-campaignjpg

Loblaw is hoping an earworm will tip PC Optimum members off to the fact that there are a lot more ways to gather rewards if they get the app.

The grocery banner is giving away 60 million PC Optimum points to 60 winners up to the end of October, which includes 15 weekly prizes of 1,000,000 PC Optimum points (equivalent to $1,000 in value when redeemed).

To further amplify the content, there’s a song that – much like the “Cart Apart” song and album for No Frills last year – will be available on Spotify and playing inside Loblaw banners.

The campaign’s hero spot features that custom lyrics inspired by a popular electronic dance hit tweaked to tell people to “get it, scan it, score it, spend it, love it, need it, chance to win it.”

“The contest is meant to inspire people who haven’t downloaded the app, to get the full value of the [PC Optimum] program,” says Meghan Nameth, SVP of marketing at Loblaw.

According to Nameth, now is a good time to show people the value of the program, as people are shopping for Halloween, thinking about the holidays, coming back into stores, going back to school and generally spending more over.

Nameth says engaged PC Optimum members are always really excited about new ways to earn points, and showing members who rely mostly on the traditional card what’s available if they start using the app. The app offers more point redemption and personalization opportunities for members, and gives Loblaw access to more data about consumer behaviour and interests.

PC Optimum is the country’s most popular loyalty program, with an estimated 16 million users. In Loblaw’s Q1 investor call, Sarah Davis (who has since retired as company president) said the company expects to give out the equivalent to $1 billion in rewards this year.

Nameth says that it’s easing the creative out on Instagram (see, below), and also on Spotify to amplify awareness, as the track encapsulates what it wants members to know. Creative was led by Sid Lee with support from the Loblaw Agency team. Public relations and social media support is being handled by Veritas Communications. Media planning and buying was handled by Loblaw Media and DentsuX.