SodaStream makes a “huge” in-store commitment to its latest additions

PepsiCo goes "big and bold" to continue education and awareness at the moment of truth.


SodaStream is adding Pepsi and 7Up to its at-home sparkling water offerings, and a campaign promoting their arrival includes a strong presence at point-of-sale.

PepsiCo for SodaStream flavours are hitting shelves now at more than 5,000 grocery, Walmart, drug, mass and convenience retailers across Canada, and at According to Kyle Millar, head of marketing for SodaStream, winning the “moment of truth,” at shelf is key for the brand as shoppers increasingly return to physical stores.

SodaStream is therefore rolling out what Millar says is a “huge” shopper investment in store, including pallets, floor stands, tilt-back displays, flavour racks, shelf blades, wobblers, aisle blades and clings.

“[It's] what we call big and bold” Millar explains, and about how SodaStream can show up really big in-store and through heavy investment, capture consumers’ eyes.



Millar says that the program is built around the instant recognition that comes from the iconic Pepsi blue but also the SodaStream blue which work well together.

For the displays, he says it’s critical to show the machine along with the beverages family, to ensure consumers know that you make Pepsi with the SodaStream machine. “Obviously, you can’t make Pepsi without the machine,” Millar jokes, adding that the last thing it wants to do is have that disconnect in people’s minds. “[In-store] is a place we know we need to be to continue to educate.”

With prominent circular callouts, the displays also prominently convey to buyers that one bottle can make up to 9 litres of Pepsi.

It’s piggybacking on similar messaging it used for its Bubly flavour expansion, whose success informed the launch of the current ones, calling out how many litres a container can create (see, at-shelf activation with Michael Bublé, below).

SodaStream is also keeping up its digital couponing momentum for the rollout, a key driver of product awareness and education. Millar tells strategy it’s seen great results from Flipp, with which it’s worked a number of years, and allows it to tie back to its retail partners.

To amplify the “your favorites on demand” positioning, SodaStream is also running surprise and delight contests on social platforms to entice consumers, something Millar says it’s done for many years.

The creative came from Global, but the tag was designed by The Garden and the displayers were designed by Pro Print.