Coca-Cola with Coffee comes to Canada

The product innovation was first launched in the U.S. last year to reach coffee loyalists looking for an afternoon boost.


After giving people a taste of space with its February production innovation, Coke is coming back to earth a bit by launching Coca-Cola with Coffee in the Canadian market.

coke-coffee-frenchCoca-Cola with Coffee is infused with Brazilian coffee and is available nationally in two flavours, Vanilla and Dark Blend, containing 49 mg of caffeine per 355 mL can. Coca-Cola with Coffee’s U.S. launch last year had an additional flavour profile, caramel, that didn’t make it to Canada.

The company tells strategy it’s rolling out a launch campaign that is digitally-led and fully integrated across all marketing channels. It is targeting consumers through high-reaching display tactics which includes strategic partnerships online, connected TV and social, as well as through retail agnostic partners like Flipp and Reebee. Shoppers will also see Coca-Cola with Coffee advertising at point-of-purchase in stores across Canada.

It is working with several agencies including MediaCom, Weber Shandwick, Havas and Salt XC.

According to Coke, Coca-Cola with Coffee is available in nearly 60 other markets around the world – and after its successful launch in the United States – it was time to bring the “innovative product” to Canada. The beverage giant touts the new product as “sips like a Coke and finishes like a coffee,” and claims it will “reinvigorate and refresh” Canadians’ coffee routines.

Coca-Cola with Coffee’s initial creation stateside was informed by company insights that more than 50% of Coca-Cola drinkers and coffee loyalists enjoy both beverages on a regular basis, saying that many consumers are torn between which to consume for an afternoon pick me up. At the time, the company also identified zero sugar as an innovation opportunity, adding two “zero sugar” Vanilla and Dark Blend SKUs, but those also didn’t make it north of the border, at least for the initial launch.

Product innovation for the on-the-go consumer is a big focus. In a recent conference call, Coke chairman and CEO James Quincey said that this year, the company’s “pipeline is robust with built-in agility and consists of big bets along with many shots on goal.” That also includes products from the company’s “Creations” innovation platform, which launched its first product in February – Coca-Cola Starlight, which the company said “tastes like space” and was aligned with emerging metaverse platforms in its promotion.

In 2020, competitor PepsiCo had a kick at the can as well, unveiling its own Pepsi Café stateside, also positioned as a way to overcome an afternoon slump, as well as to tap the energy beverage space.