Heinz Ketchup celebrates the signing of the Hot Dog Pact

A new round of creative and co-marketing with Wonder aims to turn last year's support into action in stores.


Heinz is teaming up with Wonder to run a new phase of its “Hot Dog Pact” campaign and provide a solution for mis-matched packages of hot dogs and buns.

The bread company will be releasing 10-packs of hot dog buns, answering the call of last year’s campaign to get the same number of buns and hot dogs into packages. New creative celebrating the success will run across Heinz’s social media, as well as contextually relevant OOH and wild postings placed in close proximity to retailers carrying Wonder 10-packs to engage customers in Ontario and PR leveraged nationally.

S22-0906_HotDogPact_POS_Press_16x9 (3)There will also be cross promotion with Wonder set to appear in the ad, with Heinz being advertised on Wonder products in return. There are also in-store displays set to carry both products.

The campaign kicked off on June 15 ahead of Wonder’s 10 pack of buns coming to store shelves on Thursday, and will run for four weeks coinciding with Hot Dog Month in July.

Last year’s “Hot Dog Pact,” which had Heinz Ketchup acting as mediator between hot dog and bun brands, garnered more than 33,000 signatures on an online petition, a positive response that motivated Kraft Heinz to seek a partnership with a bun-making company to solve the issue for itself – and extend engagement with the campaign into another summer grilling season.

Jacqueline Cho, senior brand manager at Kraft Heinz Canada, says there was interest from many companies, but Wonder – among the brands bought from Weston by FBF Brands last year – was the first to step up to the plate to produce the special 10-packs.

While other provinces will have to wait just a little longer, those in Ontario can get their hands on packs of 10 buns at all No Frills, Real Canadian Superstore, Your Independent Grocer, Dollarama and Valu-mart retailers, as well as most Fortinos locations, starting June 23.

As with the last campaign, the goal of “Hot Dog Pact 2.0” is to drive brand awareness and put a smile on the faces of Heinz fans. However, the approach was different this year, says Cho. Last year’s campaign was to bring attention to the issue – this year’s is to turn that support into action at stores. But there is still some rallying to be had: the brand is continuing to organize customers across North America to call for the buns to be brought outside of Ontario as well.

Heinz’s AOR, Rethink, led creative and production, with Carat driving nationwide awareness on paid media. Kraft Heinz’s internal agency The Kitchen is managing social media, while Middle Child handles PR.