The changing viewerscape

James Milward explores how TV consumption is changing and what it means for marketers.


Battle of the (not so tall) media giants

Media Experts CEO Lauren Richards breaks down the new media bosses.

Fall TV

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Specialty roundup

From the Oprah Winfrey Network to Quebecor’s new offerings, execs weigh in on where Canadian specialty is faring well and where tweaks are needed.


Addressable advertising: the census revolution

Addressable TV is not a new idea. The concept’s been bandied about for ages and companies have dabbled in it, albeit with limited success. But now it’s taking meaningful strides forward, ready to breathe new, lucrative life into the old sample-based TV ad model, and Canada is poised to take the lead.


Television to go

Programming may now be pocket-sized, but are advertisers and consumers buying in?


Web TV: the new online operators

Cable and satellite operators have gone online with web TV services to meet the viewer on their turf, on their terms. Now a new generation of upstart web TV brands has emerged, offering similar services at a much lower cost.

MTV Social

Social TV: building branded communities

Social networking platforms have ushered in an era of community TV viewing, where people can gather online, be entertained together and share their catty comments or cheerleading. This opens the virtual door for advertisers to mobilize entire communities behind campaigns that live within the social ecosystem.

The Playboy Club

Prime-time battlegrounds

We called in the experts to weigh the odds: which network has the most competitive slate? Who has the biggest night? Which shows will be winners and which will be unceremoniously dumped?

Paul Robertson

Time for your close up

Four networks got new bosses this year and two got renamed. Strategy checked in with some of the key players to get their take on the industry.


Fall TV special report

From addressability to social to mobile, Strategy breaks down the changing nature of TV, and assesses the fates of new shows in the battle for timeslots.


Viagra Canoe ENG

Viagra sends its regrets

Viagra’s latest campaign brings laughs, but does it stand up against past performance?


Pamela Griffith-Jones GTAA

Toronto Pearson takes off

With Pamela Griffith-Jones in the cockpit, the GTAA launches a new brand strategy it hopes will turn the airport into a must-visit destination.


manifesto final

Taco Bell rallies revolutionaries

The QSR takes a stand against boring burgers with a new campaign by Grip.


Playland puts the ‘fear’ in Atmosphere

The Vancouver amusement park takes aim at our fine feathered friends in a campaign by Rethink.

Fall TV


The National Fall TV schedule 2011/12

We’ve compiled all the national networks’ fall TV programming into one handy grid.

Understanding Youth


Photos from Understanding Youth

See who schooled the marketers at our annual youth conference in Toronto.



The future of viewing

Our Fall TV issue explores the evolution of TV this year – web, social, addressable – and what it means to advertisers.


Corona Pic

Corona gets colourful

The beer brand celebrates summer with a series of limited-edition bottles created by Toronto-based Shikatani Lacroix.

Degrassi image

Degrassi takes transmedia to school

A new episode-based mobile app allows fans to interact with the show’s characters.


Montreal and Toronto encourage cheating

Tourism Toronto and Tourisme Montreal joined forces to launch a street-level interactive portal between the two cities.


Canadian Tire plays house

The retail co bought a house in Toronto and is now chronicling the DIY adventures of its anonymous inhabitants on a video web page.

EdgeWalk wide view

The CN Tower gets edgy

A pre-launch campaign for Edgewalk focuses on how people will feel while walking around the outside of the tower.


Virgin rewards volunteers

The mobile co is giving volunteers with homeless and at-risk youth organizations the chance to win tickets to a Katy Perry concert.

Bixi Telus bike

When Telus met Bixi

Although the telco became a sponsor for the bike-share program this year, a connection was formed back in 2009.


PFLAG Canada shares stories

The non-profit is kicking off a campaign that uses QR codes to share people’s personal stories.

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