Cannes Digest: Wrapping up a record-breaking year

Canadian agencies end the week with 52 Lion wins, a new record, while Rethink secures a spot as the third-ranked Independent Agency of the Year.

There will be no in-person celebrations on the beach, but Canadian agencies have a lot to be happy about as the 2021 Cannes Lions come to a close.

This morning’s virtual awards presentation netted three Silver and five Bronze Lions for Canadian agencies in the Film and Sustainable Development Goals categories.

That brings this year’s total Lion wins by Canadian agencies to 52, surpassing the previous record of 44 set in 2017. The final tally, broken down by award level, category and agency, can be found below.

The end of the festival also brings the last edition of our “Inside The Jury Room” series, with Canadian judges giving a peak into the things that were on their mind after evaluating the winning work in the Film, Mobile and Radio & Audio categories.

Also announced at the final virtual gala this morning were the “of the year” winners, based on total wins throughout the week, several of which came from the Canadian outposts of multinational agencies.

In Independent Agency of the Year, Rethink was ranked third among all indie shops at the festival, behind Wieden+Kennedy and The Bloc.

WPP was named most creative holding company, helped by wins from Ogilvy Toronto and Taxi. FCB was named Network of the Year, helped along by Canadian wins for “Project Understood,” “Publicly Traded” and “Me Too Act Too,” while Ogilvy Toronto’s wins for “Courage Is Beautiful” helped Ogilvy come in second.

Though Ogilvy’s nine Lions this year included two Grand Prix and three Golds, Rethink led Canadian agencies in total Lion wins, with 11. Also, between its Toronto office and FCB/Six, FCB’s Canadian agencies combined for ten Lions: one Gold, four Silver and five Bronze Lions.

Inside The Jury Room

Day One: Print, Design, Pharma and Health
Day Two: Social, PR, Direct and Media
Day Five: Film, Mobile, and Radio & Audio

Festival Insights

Creativity, COVID and Cannes

Canadian Lion wins (totals)

Shortlist nominations: 141

Grand Prix: 2
Gold: 6
Silver: 17
Bronze: 25

Young Lions: 2 Bronze

Canadian Lion wins (by category)

Brand Experience & Activation: 13 Shortlists, 1 Silver, 3 Bronze
Creative Data: 8 Shortlists, 2 Silver
Creative Strategy: 6 Shortlists, 2 Silver
Design: 9 Shortlists, 1 Gold, 1 Bronze
Digital Craft: 4 Shortlists, 1 Gold
Direct: 7 Shortlists, 2 Silver, 1 Bronze
Entertainment: 3 Shortlists, 1 Bronze
Entertainment for Music: 4 Shortlists, 1 Bronze
Entertainment for Sport: 0 Shortlists
Film: 14 Shortlists, 2 Silver, 5 Bronze
Film Craft: 1 Shortlist
Glass: 0 Shortlists
Health & Wellness: 11 Shortlists, 2 Bronze
Industry Craft: 7 Shortlists, 1 Grand Prix, 1 Gold
Innovation: 0 Shortlists
Media: 7 Shortlists, 1 Silver, 2 Bronze
Mobile: 5 Shortlists, 3 Bronze
Outdoor: 9 Shortlists, 1 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze
Pharma: 0 Shortlists
PR: 5 Shortlists, 2 Silver
Radio & Audio: 5 Shortlists, 1 Silver, 2 Bronze
Print & Publishing: 8 Shortlists, 1 Grand Prix, 1 Gold, 1 Silver
Social & Influencer: 7 Shortlists, 1 Gold, 1 Silver
Sustainable Development Goals: 2 Shortlists, 1 Silver
Titanium: 3 Shortlists

Canadian Lion wins (by agency)

Ogilvy Toronto: 2 Grand Prix, 3 Gold, 3 Silver, 1 Bronze
Rethink: 1 Gold, 4 Silver, 6 Bronze
FCB Canada: 1 Gold, 2 Silver, 4 Bronze
BBDO Canada: 1 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze
Cossette: 2 Silver, 3 Bronze
FCB/Six: 2 Silver, 1 Bronze
Union: 2 Silver
Juniper Park\TBWA: 1 Silver
Citizen Relations: 1 Silver
No Fixed Address: 3 Bronze
Taxi: 2 Bronze
Bensimon Byrne: 1 Bronze
Broken Heart Love Affair: 1 Bronze
Leo Burnett Canada: 1 Bronze
OneMethod: 1 Bronze
Media Experts: 1 Bronze