Quebec fast-casual chain Valentine picks FCB as its AOR

The MTY-owned chain wants to boost sales, build its online presence and optimize conversion rates with its new agency.


FCB has been named agency for Quebec QSR Valentine.

The MTY Group-owned fast casual chain, with nearly 100 locations serving hot dogs, fries and poutine in Quebec, is looking to continue to expand and amplify the banner’s footprint. As part of those goals, FCB will be responsible for reviewing the entire communication approach and creative content.

Valentine’s business goals include boosting restaurant sales, creating a greater presence across different online platforms, and optimizing the purchase conversion rate.

Sylvain Dufresne, VP and CCO at FCB in Montreal, tells strategy the agency was selected after an invitation-only RFP.

We are entering in the official on-boarding phase soon and FCB work should hit the market somewhere around beginning of summer,” Dufresne says. He adds that it is an important win for the agency, since Valentine is a strong Quebec brand that focuses on creativity to maintain a close relationship with its multiple targets.

Valentine is already known for its cheeky outreach, which for the better part of a decade has been handled by previous AOR Lg2. The agency’s work included award-winning social campaigns that poked fun at other brands, petitions to create a poutine emoji and a pedometer app that let customers earn a free poutine if they burned the equivalent number of calories.

Dufresne says FCB intends to keep the fun, playful and colourful approach the brand has become known for, but Valentine really wants to review the entire communication approach, media tactics and creative content so it can generate more sales online and build a stronger online footprint.


“Valentine is a strong local brand that has consistently demonstrated that it wants to stand out creatively,” he says, adding that the entire Valentine team is driven by a desire to do something unique and to continually underscore its position as one of the province’s leading comfort brands.

Charles Côté, marketing manager for Valentine at MTY Group, says its team liked FCB’s overall approach, starting the process with strategic market insights all the way through the consumer journey and ending with a commitment to creating tangible results for the brand.

“We currently have a great dialogue with our audience, now we want to make sure that this relationship translates into action and direct sales,” Côté says.