Haagen-Dazs plays up the decadence with its ‘extraaz’

From Shopper Marketing Report: The ice cream is amplifying the indulgence message with a sampling yacht.

haagen-dazsHäagen-Dazs is leaning into indulgence for its latest “exträaz” collection of layered ice cream.

The four-SKU collection, made in Canada using 100% Canadian dairy, comes in Salted Caramel Chocolate, Berry Explosion, Mocha Cheesecake and Triple Chocolate and features alternating layers of two flavours of ice cream, smooth sauce and chocolate layers.

According to Stacey Marsello, brand manager for Häagen-Dazs at Nestlé Canada, its target of  young urban professionals wants their trusted brands to excite and inspire them through differentiated new flavours, unique textures and, in the case of this launch, “a more indulgent experience.”

To support the launch the company has POS assets like shelf talkers and shelf blades (see below) that reveal a cross section of layers in the carton to maximize visibility across major grocers. According to Marsello the in-store presence is a critical part of a fully integrated awareness campaign that is running all summer.

Haagen-Dazs_extraa_ layers shelf talker



The indulgence/premium-ness factor is being brought to life on pack as well with the signature black and gold colour palette from the Häagen-Dazs exträaz portfolio.

“We also added a bold illustration of the layered experience consumers will have once they open the tub to taste this unique ice cream experience,” Marsello says.

According to Marsello, exträaz layers’ value proposition is that it is first in Canada to introduce a layered ice cream like this.

The Häagen-Dazs exträaz summer campaign also includes collaborating with multiple incentive and coupon programs throughout the year to drive trial and consideration.

The ice cream brand recently came to life with a twist on a typical ice cream truck sampler. The company reimagined a surprise and delight, but instead of a truck, brought Häagen-Dazs Dockside to life with a 65-foot  yacht that cruised the Toronto waterfront, delivering full-size tubs of new Häagen-Dazs exträaz.

The vessel made stops at Polson Pier, Toronto Harbourfront and Toronto Island, notifying consumers of its arrival with an audio track reminiscent of the nostalgic ice cream truck jingle in a move that says is a more luxurious and befitting of Häagen-Dazs’ premium positioning than a typical sampling event.

“The experience centred around the Häagen-Dazs creative platform, ‘Thät’s Dazs,’ which reflects a new modernness and vibrancy in the brand,” Marsello says, adding that it’s a call to indulge in the everyday, finding luxury where you are and however that shows up for you.

Marsello tells strategy the pandemic contributed to a natural spike in at home ice cream consumption and as Canadians emerge from the pandemic, consumers are craving social reconnection, and it says ice cream can play a strong role in these moments.

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