Coca-Cola’s new ‘One Brand’ approach

A new global strategy that replaces "Open Happiness" will roll out in Canada next month.
Taste the Feeling 4

Coca-Cola has unveiled a new global “One Brand” approach, marketing its various brands, such as Diet Coke and Coke Zero, under one campaign in a major strategic shift.

The new strategy, announced in Paris today, involves a global campaign called “Taste the Feeling,” replacing the previous “Open Happiness” platform. The campaign, based around consumers choosing the appropriate Coke product for their lifestyle, will begin rolling out in Canada in February in what will be Coca-Cola’s biggest campaign here in “decades,” according to Michael Samoszewski, VP of the sparkling business unit at Coca-Cola Canada.

For the global creative campaign, Coca-Cola tapped 10 different agencies for the development process and ultimately is using 10 spots from four shops: Mercado-McCann and Santo, both in Buenos Aires, Madrid’s Sra. Rushmore and Ogilvy & Mather New York.

At launch, five of the 10 spots will be released. For its main “Anthem” spot (by Mercado-McCann), the brand worked with licensing co Music Dealers to write and produce the original song, featuring Australian singer Conrad Sewell. It also includes a new audio signature based around the sounds of drinking Coca-Cola, such as the pop of the tab and the fizz of the bubbles.  The new audio signature will be used throughout the campaign.

There aren’t any plans to change the names or packaging of the brands, such as Diet Coke. Instead, the campaign is about bringing Coca-Cola’s brand equity to the other products in the line, Samoszewski says. Overall, the time was right to move away from “Open Happiness” and toward a strategy centred on consumer choice, be it lower calorie options or traditional Coke, he says.

In Canada, that will also mean choice of packaging, with creative here being adapted to emphasize smaller packages, such as 90-calorie mini can and glass bottle options (using end tags in the video spots to highlight these). In Quebec, the campaign will also be adapted with customized music and dialogue for the francophone market, he adds.

Coca-Cola’s agency partners supporting “Taste the Feeling” here include Publicis (creative), UM (media), Mosaic (experiential), Gravity Partners (digital and social media) and Hill + Knowlton Strategies (PR).

Apart from “Anthem,” the other global spots include “Break-Up” (Santo), “Brotherly Love” (Santo), “Under Pressure” (Ogilvy & Mather) and “Supermarket” (Sra. Rushmore).

Other spots – “What is a Coca-Cola For?” (Sra. Rushmore), “Professor” (Sra. Rushmore), “Arctic Summer” (The Cyranos-McCann), “Empty Bottle” (Mercado-McCann), and “Real Enjoyment” (Mercado-McCann) will be released later in 2016.

The campaign also includes more than 100 images shot by fashion photographers Guy Aroch and Nacho Ricci capturing people from around the globe drinking Coca-Cola in everyday moments. The new campaign imagery will be used in print advertising, OOH, in-store and digital media.

A digital portion also includes different GIF scenes set to the “Taste the Feeling” anthem. Users can pull a GIF scene directly from a Coca-Cola microsite, personalize the scene by typing in a feeling, and share it on social media with #TasteTheFeeling. The microsite will be in 20 different languages, and in six countries (the U.S., Mexico, Germany, Japan, India and Korea), it will link to a Coca-Cola e-commerce site.

Coca-Cola has also worked with artist Avicii to produce a remixed version of the “Taste the Feeling” anthem. Versions of the anthem will be produced for the UEFA EURO 2016 and the Rio 2016 Olympic Games campaigns.