Agency of the Year: watch the videos

Missed the show last night? Check out some of the hilarious showreels from John St., Rethink, Leo Burnett, Taxi and more shortlisted candidates.

Each year, the strategy team asks shortlisted AOY candidates to submit a video highlighting the culture of their agency or trends in the industry. This year, we had audience members live-vote for their favourite, with John St. claiming the people’s choice awards for its “Exfeariential” spot (they also happened to win the night’s top honour, taking home Agency of the Year Gold). Other top contenders include Zulu Alpha Kilo, which invited the audience to eavesdrop on a wall, Rethink, who started a new printing award category and Leo Burnett, who explained the genius behind Darwin the Ikea monkey.

Missed the show last night? Check out some of the best videos below. (For full credits, click the agency name.)

John St.

Following the success of its “Catvertising” and “Buyral” units, John St. is tapping into the prankvertising space (see examples here and here) with a new department dedicated to scaring the crap out of people. It’s called “Exfeariential.” It’s terrifying…but effective. Imagine you’re the poor soul who’s awoken in the middle of the night by strange men in ski masks. Wouldn’t you forever remember the beer brand that hosted that particular event? Of course you would.

Zulu Alpha Kilo

If these walls could talk… Well, in Zulu Alpha Kilo’s case, they did. The agency finally answered the age-old question of what your creative ideas are really thinking. Who knew ambient experiential ideas were so brash, or that long-copy ads were so vulgar. Poor creative brief, she’s so meek no one seems to be listening to her.


Who knew getting a Cannes Lion or a Pencil was such as simple task? At Rethink, they just print them out. The agency picked up a 3D printer and has since become the most awarded agency…ever. Creatives rejoice. Now you don’t actually need to be creative for the prestige.


Are you in the ad business for the fame and glory? To have your name known around the world? Well, Cundari may have proven you’re in the wrong business. Taking to the streets, the team asked some real people about the ad folks we all know…to no avail. Seems Judy John, Carlos Moreno, Angus Tucker and co (sadly, that includes strategy magazine) will only have fame with industry friends.

Leo Burnett

Ahh, Darwin the Ikea Monkey. Possibly one of the biggest news stories of the year. Now, at this year’s Agency of the Year, Leo Burnett has revealed the deep planning that went into making Darwin and his shearling coat a household name. There is nothing this team wouldn’t do for their client.


Taxi has finally answered the age-old question: what do you do with your Cannes Lion once you’ve brought it home? Apparently, you play dress-up. In this mini-doc, the agency follows the man whose sole job is to create adorable costumes – like pilgrim clothing, aviation wear or even “gold” – for the iconic trophies. You know you want those mini pilgrim shoes.

Lowe Roche

Who knew advertisers led such statistical lives? Lowe Roche tells the world the best way to reach ad people with stats and facts. Did you know that drinking wine is a weekly occurrence for almost 50% of you? Or that 17% have been to Cannes? Or that you’re 1.6 times more likely to mute a commercial on TV (tsk, tsk)? Well, now you know.

Grey Canada

Grey Canada’s Agency of the Year video is out of this world! Well, next year’s video, that is… assuming it meets the Indiegogo goal of $2.5 million. You see, for 2014, Grey really wants to head to space to film its AOY video, with sexy aliens and lasers and explosions. C’mon folks, let’s make this happen!


What do you get when you turn over Agency of the Year video submission creative control to a dancer, a cellist and a sculpture? Using their submission cases (you can read about them here), BBDO is letting those three artists do the interpreting. Check out how it all nets out below or at 

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