Doritos drops a new season of shows about Ketchup chips

PepsiCo refreshes the "Ketchup Plus" streaming platform with the bite-size, episodic content Gen Z audiences look for.

Doritos_streamingDoritos is updating its streaming platform, with new shows based around its Ketchup flavour, aimed squarely at Gen Z.

Available exclusively on “Ketchup+,” each stream is under 10 minutes in length, and content runs the gamut from comedy and drama to animation and DIY tutorials, and all centering Ketchup chips in some way.

For example, in Bridgerton send-up “Lord Doritos” (pictured, above), a couch potato is transported to 19th century England, complete with waistcoat, and becomes embroiled in a love triangle. In another, Dr Doritos offers advanced hypnotherapy.

Lisa Allie, senior director of Frito Lay core brands at PepsiCo Foods Canada, tells strategy that while previous Doritos campaigns, such as Doritos Ketchup Roses, came to life through bold physical experiences, its Gen Z target audience is constantly connected and defined by technology, so it made sense to speak to them via an online platform.

The 2020 launch of “Ketchup+” exceeded the brand’s expectations, Allie says, including projected total and unique visits and returning visitors, convincing the brand to refresh the platform with new content for the seventh limited-time launch of Doritos Ketchup to store shelves.

The brand has also worked with the creators to develop episodic content, including “The Trail Runs Red,” a four-part mock docuseries about a high-profile coach, and “Thrift Flips and Chips,” a fashionista-hosted DIY vintage clothing series.


“We made sure to  encourage our content creators to be imaginative and fully express themselves in their shows,” Allie says. “We also wanted the shows to be cool, confident, and professional, but still lighthearted and fun.” Having plenty of content for French-speaking consumers to enjoy was another priority, she says. Knowing that there’s many platforms and apps competing for their attention, the shows on the platform are bite-sized compared to other streaming services, Allie notes.

Once again, streaming content is all centred around the concept of championing self-expression, a longstanding brand positioning for Doritos.

The digital-led campaign is being promoted with paid media across Instagram, TikTok, SnapChat, YouTube and programmatic display. It is also being amplified with media outreach, organic social and influencer partnerships with content creators. There will also be integration with Tasty Rewards, PepsiCo Foods’ recently launched direct-to-consumer and CRM platform.

BBDO handled creative, OMD is handling media, Citizen is on PR and influencer relations. MarkIV is handling in-store elements.