Philadelphia’s new take on heaven

Kraft Heinz wants cream cheese to stay on the breakfast menu as pandemic routines change.


Kraft Heinz is inviting everyone who re-discovered the joy of cream cheese on a morning bagel to join its Philly Angel for a short trip to heaven, as it crafts an identity for its new pitchperson.

While not a Led Zeppelin song, the new ad does feature a stairway to heaven – one that’s revealed in someone’s fridge as they bite into a bagel topped with Philadelphia Cream Cheese. She’s whisked skyward for a brief tête-à-tête with a very busy brand spokesperson, getting a chance for a quick chat about the product’s smooth creamy texture before the angel has to run off to another fridge.

According to Anne Field, director of brand communications for Kraft Heinz’s fast and fresh meals segment, the “Taste of Heaven” campaign builds on many things that were staples of Philadelphia’s previous marketing featuring its “angel,” but expressing them in a more contemporary way – namely, bringing “heavenly” richness to every moment.

Humberly González was announced as the brand’s new Angel in fall 2020, introduced in a campaign alongside previous spokes-angel Linda Kash. According to Field, this campaign is the brand’s first attempt to develop its new spokesperson’s personality beyond the instantly recognizable wings. She adds that the campaign is timely as it reflects the evolving face of Canada with the new Angel – what the brand has said is an effort to be more reflective of what Canada looks like today.

“The campaign is the latest example of how Kraft Heinz looks to reinvent how we think about consumer engagement, and find the intersection between our brands, consumers and culture,” Field notes.

Like many brands during the start of the pandemic, Field says Philadelphia Cream Cheese saw increased consumption. The new push is the latest from a CPG company to try and ensure habits picked up over the last two years stick around.

“One of Philly’s primary occasions is heavily rooted in breakfast, particularly on a bagel,” she says. “As we emerge from lockdown consumption, at home breakfast occasions have maintained steady with many Canadians still working from home, or looking for quick meal options to enjoy on their commute.”

The new spot is running in both TV and online video, with a broader integrated campaign running across social, digital and interactive OOH over the next month.

“Taste of Heaven” was managed by the brand’s AORs, with Rethink on creative, Carat on media and Middle Child on PR. Production was handled by Alter Ego and Grayson, with director Leigh Marling. Paul Proulx + Rooster handled the editorial.