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When I say corn nuts, what comes to mind?

Cossette East offers up the focus group approved way to celebrate winning Marketer of the Year.



Swimming with black swans

Dean Black, president and CEO of Black and BlackDigital, has tips on keeping up with sudden changes in the market.

Lauren Richards_new

The rise (and fall) of the media shop

Columnist Lauren Richards shoots from the hip about media agency independence.

Agency of the Year


Agency of the Year 2011 photos

Snapshots from an award-winning affair.



Media Experts celebrates XXX

As Canada’s oldest indie media agency hits 30, strategy takes a look at what it took to navigate the last three decades in media.

TV still 1

The word on Wind’s manifesto

Matt Cammaert and Doug Hawe weigh in on the mobile co’s new customer-powered push.

Kestin & Vonk

Kestin & Vonk: pooled talent is better than one

As the internationally renowned duo venture into new waters with Swim, strategy reflects on their impact on the biz.



It’s the most digital time of the year

Shoppers Drug Mart, Future Shop, Best Buy and Indigo launch online holiday campaigns.


Getting creative for the cause

Campaigns from Virgin Mobile, Aeroplan and IFEX defy conventions in their quest for good.


The year’s best agency-folk side projects

From wacky jack o’ lantern stencils to a sports bucket list, creatives sure got creative this year.


Teletoon’s vampire street fight

Interactive prodco The Secret Location unveils Canada’s first stereoscopic 3D interactive project to market a TV show.


The Bay adds retro warmth

A campaign by Red Lion launches the new Company of Adventurers clothing line.



Dear Santa…

A 2012 wish list from adland.

Marketer Survey


2011 Marketer Survey

Our annual poll checks in on the state of the marketing nation, from budgets and stress to agency relationships.


The rise of shopper marketing

GlaxoSmithKline’s Nicole Rocheleau reflects on how the relatively new discipline cemented itself in the marketing mix this year.

patrick dickinson

Social media reigns

Patrick Dickinson, SVP of marketing, The Bay, reveals why many brands brought social media management in-house this year.

Angela Scardillo

Mobilizing mobile

Angela Scardillo, Best Buy’s VP of marketing and communications, explains why 2011 was the year the brand upped its game in mobile.


Last year’s top ad spenders

Who spent the most in 2010? We’ve got the stats by category and company.

Marketers of the Year


Marketers of the Year 2011

Anne-Marie LaBerge and the Telus menagerie take the top prize, plus winners from P&G, McDonald’s, Danier, Mattel and Boston Pizza.


Boston Pizza’s secret sauce

With the simple brand proposition of making people happy, Steve Silverstone taps humour to break through the sea of sameness.


Telus wins hearts with critters & causes

Anne-Marie LaBerge is making the future friendly by putting people first.

Christine DesJardine

P&G’s reasons to smile

Christine DesJardine is breathing new life into the oral care business.


McDonald’s brews coffee-biz change

Joel Yashinksky brings big American breakfast chops to the table.

1. jennifer

Danier gets its runway groove on

With designer collaborations and a fresh retail concept, Jennifer Steckel Elliott is giving a 40-year-old leather brand a makeover.


Mattel’s new toy story

Proving Barbie and Hot Wheels aren’t child’s play, Réidín Goode is appealing to fans of all ages.



Nova Scotian cars get tipsy

Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation adopts a humorous approach for its holiday “don’t drink and drive” campaign.


Whistler Film Fest messes with Hollywood

Genre-defying film trailers remind viewers to “prepare for the unexpected” in this campaign by Vancouver-based Dare.

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