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Ahead of the pack

From Periscope to VR, check out some of the early brand adopters of hot new tech.


Don’t know your bra size? There’s an app for that

E-tailer ThirdLove looks to break into Canada with its self-measuring tech, which has the potential to be a retail game-changer.

Slyce app food

Groceries in a snap

Will taking photos of your food be the next big thing in grocery shopping? Toronto’s Slyce certainly hopes so.


Oculus Rift does Hollywood

A full-length virtual reality film is on the way. So what does that mean for brands?


It’s all in the wrist

New tech from Montreal-based Intellitix provides interactive experiences at events.


SKE Labs brings smarts to the kitchen

The tech co is introducing two new products – one that orders online for you, another that tracks what’s in your food.


Slyce announces new partnership

The Toronto image-recognition company is blending its digi tech with Tilly’s offline catalogue.


Ronald McDonald House gets (holo)graphic

The charity launches a “magic room,” complete with a smart, 3D-projected beaver that controls animated walls.

occipital structure sensor

See-through hoods, an audiophile’s dream and more

JWT’s Jed Churcher shares a snapshot of what’s been getting his (and other tech enthusiasts’) attention this year.

Wearables 1

Taking a cue from consumer wearables

How Nike+ FuelBand and Fitbit inspire tech that enables paraplegics to walk and the blind to see.

AR book

The Mercury’s rising for augmented reality books

Rolling out at a Walmart near you, these “Incredebooks” bring childhood classics to life.

Flux users outdoors

Flux lets you travel through time

The augmented reality app lets users view historic pictures overlaid on a current scene.


Esight aids the visually impaired

The device, a blend of Google Glass and Oculus Rift, is hunting for brand partners to help those with low vision see.


OOH with facial recognition tours Quebec campuses

Quebec’s Commission on Health and Safety at Work puts a face (the student’s own, distorted face) to its workplace safety message.


Sulon’s Cortex blends VR with the real world

Moving a step towards a holodeck, Markham, Ont.-based Sulon Technologies creates a virtual world on top of physical locations.