BIMM: Helping clients take the guess out of work

Data-driven creative agency launches SoundCheck to market with greater certainty



Honouring ideas across the prairies

In the pursuit of being the benchmark for creative recognition, the Ad Rodeo Anvil Awards is expanding its scope.



Agency A-List – Meet the agencies of the future

Canada’s top creative, media and PR shops are all radically expanding their arsenal of skills to meet brands’ next needs.


The pop-up parks for TD’s FEF charity were so effective, in one year the campaign achieved a double digit lift in donations from over the past 25 years combined.

Agency A-List – Diamond Marketing: the problem solver

Its insight-fuelled speed-of-culture marketing helps brands battle disruption.


Lily & the Snowman, Zulu’s smash viral hit for Cineplex, has now been viewed over 80 million times worldwide.

Agency A-List – Zulu’s Branded Content Year

Hot off the heels of its “Say No to Spec” video, the shop is picking up new clients and making a name for itself globally.



Agency A-List – Anomaly’s unique strategy

The Toronto shop is different. And that’s its key appeal.


In a spoof of bottled water advertising, the World Vision campaign aimed to educate consumers about the importance of water among those who struggle to access it.

Agency A-List – KBS’ tech-savvy approach

The agency is focusing on new platforms, while reminding brands that there’s a person at the end of the communication.


CIBC mascot Percy the penguin gets a checkup and helps show Canadians all the ways the bank can fit their lives.

Agency A-List – Juniper Park\TBWA: The home of disruption

The agency drives growth and defies conventions.


The new state-of-the-art newsroom allows the shop to monitor and track multiple social campaigns at once.

Agency A-List – Veritas’ re-emergence strategy

Focusing on innovation, the PR firm has risen from the post-Target collapse, coming back stronger.


From left to right: Karine Courtemanche, president Jeff Berry, Managing Director, Touché Toronto Alain Desormiers, CEO and founder.

Agency A-List – Touche!’s strategy couples tech innovation and creativity

With data at the core, the media agency helps its clients to move more nimbly.


The “#RedHatSelfie” campaign for Emirates airline generated more than 1.4 million impressions, covered by the likes of Canadian Living, Elle and The Kit.

Agency A-List – Citizen Relations doubles down on strategic insight

The PR firm is driving conversation through their strategic approach.


Publicis and their branding division Ove designed Canada Post’s new concept store in Richmond Hill Ontario

Agency A-List – Publicis bets on data to build brand experiences

How the agency is helping adapt brands to different channels.



When people get their mail, they get your message

The ritual of retrieving mail creates a valuable opportunity for marketers to better connect with customers and drive action.



Get your brand welcomed into homes

Six degrees of interaction: direct mail’s power to live on.



This just in: busting some myths about TV ROI

Cutting TV spend doesn’t have the bottom line impact you were going for – unless business growth, brand consideration and online activity weren’t in your plan.